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Winged Canvas is moving to a New Address: 185 Bullock Drive, Markham

Winged Canvas is Moving to 185 Bullock Drive

Art Hub and Adventure go together like peanut butter and jelly, apples and pies, paintbrushes and canvas. Being a hotspot of creativity, there is never a dull moment at the studio — and things just got more exciting!

More room to grow

For all the love we have for our current studio space, we admit that our cozy interior can sometimes verge menacingly on the cramped side when lots of creatives gather. Our new studio contains all the same comfortable charm with the added bonus of being able to spread your arms wide for a stretch after a concentrated art session.

Creativity just got more accessible

While being a hidden gem in the neighbourhood has its charm, maybe being behind a car wash is a bit too obscure. With our new location just around the corner at McCowan & Bullock, we’re much more visible and easier to get to. Now you can spend less time looking at a map to find us, and more time getting your art on!

Home is where the art is

Leaving behind a comfortable and familiar space can feel a bit lonely. Many fond memories and happy moments were shared within the walls of our studio. But just as surely as the sun rises and sets, new memories, lots of laughter, and countless new amazing art projects will be made at our new space. Home is where your loved ones are, and our amazing staff and stellar Art Nerd culture will be waiting for you with open wings!

Our new location:

185 Bullock Dr #1, Markham L3P 7R4


(sometime early November)

UPDATE: In 2020, a pandemic prompts our studio to move fully online.

Big Love from the Winged Canvas Family,

Winged Canvas Family (41).webp

Virtual Art Classes

Live, interactive art lessons from the safety of home. Flexible enrollment. Join in anytime! (42).webp (39).webp

Art Mentorship

This is an art program specifically for students who know what they'd like to learn, or those seeking one-on-one style lessons. (40).webp (43).webp

Teacher Resources

Doesn't matter what grade you teach, you can use our free teaching resources to help you educate the next generation of artists. (44).webp

Access the Best Art Education From Anywhere!

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