Level 4 Art - Group Mentorship

Advanced Painting - Mentorship

Weekly Virtual Class

Explore classical and contemporary painting techniques in this advanced painting class under the guidance of a professional artist. Learn advanced composition, brushwork, and colour theory, design principles and stylization to create beautiful and conceptual paintings.

Group Mentorships are limited to 6 students so each individual may receive feedback and personalised instruction on their projects.

A sneak peek into our weekly live online Painting Mentorship class.

Online Art Class Details


🔎 Virtual Class Details

Are you passionate about painting, but have skills that you want to master before you enter the art world or apply for university? In this live virtual painting mentorship, students are given the chance to explore personal painting goals with the guidance and feedback from a professional artist mentor.

Explore a variety of painting mediums including oils, acrylics, watercolour and gouache, and mixed media. Learn advanced composition, brushwork, colour theory, design principles, and stylization to create beautiful and conceptual paintings that can be used to help push your art education and career forward.

🤓 What to Expect in Class

Suitable for teens and adults, students may choose their own painting subjects, request demos, and get personalised guidance and feedback on their preferred painting mediums from their mentor.

Each class combines live group critiques and step by step demonstrations in technical and expressive painting. This class is structured like a college art course, where your drawings are given a chance to flourish, evolve, and be discussed with others.

Mentorships aren’t just about learning how to paint, but also about learning how to navigate the art world with an instructor that has already done so. You’ll be given a place to explore your artistic passions while learning valuable information and industry advice on contemporary painting, portfolios, careers, and art opportunities.

📚 Curriculum / Learning Goals

Students will focus on mastering their painting skills in their chosen mediums and areas of interest, creating a personal body of work under the guidance of a skilled professional artist.

Painting Mentorship topics may include:

  • Advanced academic and contemporary painting

  • Traditional illustration and rendering techniques

  • Colour theory, brushwork, and composition

  • Exploring different styles and painting mediums

  • Developing a portfolio or a body of work

  • Creating art with purpose, meaning and style

✍ Art Materials

  • Watercolour

  • Gouache

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Oil Paint

  • Mixed Media / Collage

Note: Not all mediums listed above are required. Students may work in their preferred medium, but will be exposed to the properties and techniques of different types of paint.

Equipment for Virtual Art Classes: 

For the best online experience, we recommend using a webcam and mic so our teacher may provide instant feedback. Students without a webcam/mic may use text chat, and get individual feedback online through Google Classrooms.


3 - 6 students

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Level 4

Ages 12+

Grade 7 - Adult

Class Pricing 

Lessons occur once a week, consecutively from registration start date. A recording will be sent for missed classes.  A $5 administration fee may apply to switch classes mid-term or re-schedule a live lesson.

*Prices listed in CAD, tax not included. Classes subject to change/cancellation. 

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1 Lesson
5 Lessons
10 Lessons
20 Lessons
$58 CAD
$270.75 CAD
$513 CAD
$969 CAD
1 Lesson
5 Lessons
10 Lessons
20 Lessons
$58 CAD
$270.75 CAD
$513 CAD
$969 CAD
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Receive our weekly class recordings to learn on your own time, then upload your artwork for online feedback from your instructor.
Class Details
Term Dates
SAT 10:30 - 12:30 PM ET
Sept 10 - Jun 17

Virtual Class Schedule (Eastern Time)

Class Details
Term Dates
SAT 10:30 - 12:30 PM ET
Sept 10 - Jun 17

In a different time zone? See the schedule in your own time zone 👉CT MT PT

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100% Success Guarantee 

We're confident that our students will see great improvement if they consistently try their best in class. If you find our learning experience is not a good fit, we'll issue you a refund.

Advanced Painting Mentorship - Class Photos

Instructor teaching acrylic online
Acrylic dog painting from dog reference
Quick 20 minute "plein air" style landscape painting studies in gouache.
Students may request painting demonstrations on a variety of topics and mediums.

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